Waterjet Cutting

Albury Wodonga Water Jet Cutting is a leading industry in versatile and custom edge cutting. We use an industry tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water.

Waterjet cutting is an industrial process which should be considered by structural designers and fabricators as alternate means to avoiding problems associated with fit up, cut edge squareness, shape precision, dross and gross HAZ’s which can occur with conventional machining processes.

In addition, Waterjet Cutting does not not involve any heat issues as it’s a cold cutting machine. Cutting without heat protects against metallurgical changes in the plate, ensuring original plate mechanical properties are maintained.

         Features for using our leading edge machine include:

Superior Edge Quality

    Precise Internal Cut Outs (Accuracy of +- 0.1 to +- 0.2)

Cuts any shape or thickness (0.2mm to 150mm)*

Increased Cutting Flexibility

As the demand for cutting materials expands the need for industry expectations have increased. This is where Albury Wodonga Water Jet Cutting comes in, with the leading-edge machine we are able to work on any job that requires our service. Hence why Water Jet cutting is growing into an attractive option for clients with ranging materials.

The variety of materials include:         

Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Glass* Titanium, Plastic, Rubber, Composites, Ceramics, Stone and many more.

(Glass*- Tempered glass)

At Albury Wodonga Waterjet Cutting we aspire to meet every client’s needs and expectations through our motivated team and premium cutting services. For Further enquiry please fill the “Quote Enquiry” section below with a specified description of your;

Material type



And, an attached dimension size and image of the project.

Versatility in material use

 (* Depends on the softness and hardness of the material, for soft materials the thickness range is 0.2-150mm. However, for hard materials it’s between 1-120mm)

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